Models, Methods, and Software Research at Olde Camp NRTS: Part 0

by Dan Hughes

This post is Part 0 of a few that summarize some of the activities that occurred not long after I started work for the Atomic Energy Division of Phillips Petroleum Company at Camp NRTS. The cast includes George Brockett, Larry Ybarrondo, and Chuck Solbrig, with appearances by a host of others.

All are welcomed to jump in and fix my screw-ups.

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Welcome to Olde Camp NRTS

by Dan Hughes

The Good Olde Good Tyme days of Thermal Hydraulics at the National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS), frequently and fondly referred to as Camp NRTS.

This blog is a part of the Loosely Organized Gathering scheduled for Sunday August 20, 2017, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This morning it occurred to me that we could try catching up and keeping up by way of this blog. There are two ways for you to contribute as follows: (1) comment on posts, and (2) provide a post. For the latter, send a text file along with JPG versions of any photos and PDF versions of reports and papers to me and I’ll make a post. If you would rather construct your post within WordPress, let me know and I’ll set you up. (At least I think that can be done.)

Contributions from all are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. All topics are open for presentation and discussion. The people and their activities, both personal and professional, including both the serious and the frivolous. And yes, I’ve heard that some legend grade frivolous activities might have been a part of the wide and deep camaraderie back in the good olde days at Camp NRTS. I never did any, of course.

I’ll start off. I’m not sure where to start, but here goes.

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