More Summer Reading Options

by Dan Hughes

The URLs below will lead you to reports and papers written by the indicated person. This list is comprised of all (or at least almost all) of the people you worked on the Idaho Nuclear Code Automation (INCA) system of Safety Analysis Computer Codes (SACCs). Let’s say that this is the Presently Reconstructed Canonical List, and that it is subject to change. Aren’t all Canonical Lists built from Chronologically Mature memory after 45+ years subject to change? The personnel have been mentioned in this post.

The URLs are all associated with Google Scholar searches. Google Scholar does not handle well the “grey” Engineering Literature, especially for the time period so many years back in history. Some of the contributors, (1) did not work long on the project, and / or (2) have varied technical interests, and / or (3) are currently active even after lo these many decades. So, you’ll find a very wide range of subjects and time periods covered by the publications. You’ll have a tough time deciding which to take with you to the beach.

In general we had experience and expertise in each of the: physical, mathematical modeling, mathematics, numerical methods, coding, computer, and software development domains. And wide ranges of experience, expertise, and interests within each of these domains. Some have continued to explore new and different applications of their specific interests.

Dick Farman

Dimitri Gidaspow

Bob Grimesey

Carl Hocevar

Dan Hughes

Gerry Jayne

Bob Lyczkowski

Ross Marsden

Jim McFadden

Jim Mills

Glen Mortensen

Bob Narum

Chuck Noble

John Ramshaw

Kent Richert

Gill Singer

Chuck Solbrig

Bill Suitt

John Trapp

Walter Wnek

Bill Yuill

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