The Gathering 2017 Photos: Part 2

May 1, 2018: I have taken down the site at which I had the photo slideshow.

I have put a slide show of the individual photos over on another site. This way I avoid building a slide show using html. As usual, click a photo to get a bigger version.

The source for the slide show is here. Use the flavor of Download (Save) Linked File (…) appropriate for your machine.

In the upper left-hand corner of the slide-show menu bar, which has nothing but icons in it, click on the (dark) right-pointing triangle to get to the second page of thumbnails. I guess I could have used a better slide-show builder, but I didn’t.

I also did not crop the photos to make a really close close-up. Maybe I’ll get around to that.

I left the Gathering Spot before everyone showed up. Photos of these people will not be available.

More Camp NRTS Historial Documents: Two-Fluid Modeling

by Dan Hughes

Here are some of the first results from the initial development of an improved mathematical description of the thermodynamics and fluid dynamics of transient, compressible, boiling and flashing, two-phase fluid flows.

[Update September 6, 2017] I found a document that summarizes the first cut at the heat transfer coefficient and friction factor models and correlations required to close the entire UVUT equation system. The references cite related documents that pre-date this. For a Conference Paper, this summary is quite long; ca. 99 pages.

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Camp NRTS History by Bob Martin

by Dan Hughes

Robert Martin, who worked at INEL in the late 1980s and early 1990s, continues to post interesting information about the activities in reactor safety thermal-hydraulics, and related matters. Bob includes URL links to associated documents, and his articles include more about experiments that I have.

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The Latest Info re: The Gathering 2017

by Dan Hughes

The Gathering will start at 10 am on Sunday, Aug 20, at the Kate Curley Park shelter in Idaho Falls. The shelter has picnic tables both under the shelter and outside on the grounds. Bring your own portable chair if you prefer that mode to sitting at a table. Chairs also provide for mobility to wander around and catch up with others catching up.

Beverages will be available and lunch will start at 11:30 am. North Hi-Way Cafe is providing the food, which is basically BBQ pulled pork and fixings. The only flesh-free food will be hamburger buns and, potentially, potato salad. (I say potentially because some such salads are in fact not flesh free.) Kindly bring some cash to donate toward costs of the food and drinks and other stuff.

If you are planing, or would like to initiate, a pre- or post-function function, let everyone on the e-mail list know.

Here’s a map for Kate Curley Park. Click to get to Google Maps for a version that you can actually read, and see the big picture for getting around in Idaho Falls after leaving the main roads.

In case of a town-wide traffic crunch, parking might be available at Holy Rosary, St Johns, the High School, and businesses along S Holmes Avenue. The long sides of the blocks run East and West.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Water Remaining, ECCS Bypass, Hearings, &etc: The Paper Flowed like a River

by Dan Hughes

The Water Remaining matter precipitated a ginormous upheaval in the nascent nuclear power industry in the USA in the early 1970s. More nearly accurately, the paucity of remaining water did that.

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Action Item

Rich Hentzen, Senior Chair, The Idaho Falls Organizing Committee (IFOC), of The Loosely Organized Gathering 2017, called a meeting of The Committee in Idaho Falls, Monday June 26, 2017.

Action Item: Send biographical summary of your Camp NRTS, and beyond, life for posting at Include photograph if you are so inclined. To start the photo action, here’s mine

Rich sends in the following summary of the discussions.

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Power-to-Volume Scaling: A World Standard set by Camp NRTS

by Dan Hughes

As is the case of a large number of other matters, designing and developing scaled experiments of complex engineered equipment for inherently complex, transient fluid flow, heat transfer, hydrodynamics, and thermodynamics has been somewhat contentious. My experience has been that there are no aspects whatsoever of transient, compressible, boiling and flashing two-phase flows that are not contentious. Spirited discussions about every aspect continue to this day.

I’m going to try to present a very short description of the focus on scaling that was underway at Camp NRTS in the 1970s. I think my brief review into the literature shows how important the Camp NRTS work has been in experimental investigations of reactor safety all round the world. No math will be involved.

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