Action Item

Rich Hentzen, Senior Chair, The Idaho Falls Organizing Committee (IFOC), of The Loosely Organized Gathering 2017, called a meeting of The Committee in Idaho Falls, Monday June 26, 2017.

Action Item: Send biographical summary of your Camp NRTS, and beyond, life for posting at Include photograph if you are so inclined. To start the photo action, here’s mine

Rich sends in the following summary of the discussions.

Attendees were Del Mecham, Tom Van Witbeck, Everett Gruen, John Atchison, and Rich Hentzen. The discussion included:

LOCATION– the Kate Curley shelter is reserved for Aug. 20. It should handle 72 (12 tables x 6 each). Parking on street should be available all around the park and a restroom facility is there within 100 yd. I also reserved my Hope Lutheran Church’s gym for that afternoon as a backup location. It would handle about 150. Other locations were discussed but had problems with parking, etc.

FOOD — after some discussion, it was decided to check with N. Highway Cafe or Sam’s Club on food so that we would not tie up people with cooking food, etc. We are thinking pulled pork, cold cuts, buns for sandwiches, salads, baked beans, fruit.

DRINK — probably have coolers with various soft drinks, Gatorade, ice tea, coffee. The city parks do not allow alcoholic beverages.

PROGRAM — the consensus was that we would meet to interact with each other and not have a prepared program with speeches. However, it would be great if each of us had a short biography for the blog that Dan Hughes has set up because it will be hard to get around to talk to every one personally.

OTHER — It was agreed that costs will be picked up by the “locals”, since those from afar already will be spending a lot. We will try to get “group pictures” taken by some of us for later distribution. Housing for people coming in is a big problem. Tents in our back yards is possible, and good friends with extra beds are wonderful.

PUBLICITY — right now attendance est. is ~ 40s. If we invite all site, spinoff, and EI alumni it could get overwhelming. So some care must be taken in wording notices for the Post Register. They must include RSVPs. Decision on that will be in early July.

P.S. Everett noted that another pertinent group,, is having a meeting Aug 22. Many of us qualify for that organization, too, and may want to add that to our schedule.

Some initial thoughts by Dan Hughes.

1. DRINK — Maybe the Hope Lutheran Church’s gym could be used as a place to mingle and chat and escape the hot, but it’s a dry, August heat. Possibly throughout the afternoon, or after a certain time later during The Gathering.

2. PROGRAM — As Larry Ybarrondo has mentioned a summary of how you got to Camp NRTS, what you did there, and what you have done since then is very likely interesting to many reading here. Larry, Don Curet, Pete Davis, Jack Liebenthal and I have posted such summaries. Sharing of recent photographs has been suggested. Send you materials to me and I’ll get them posted.

3. OTHER — Rich mentioned that we might want to get a reporter/photographer from the Post Register assigned to cover the event. I think that’s a good idea and I think the IFOC should consider following up. There might also be representatives of the Thermal-Hydraulics Division (THD) of the ANS at INL or around Idaho Falls that would consider covering and making a summary for the THD Newsletter.

4. OTHER — We could also pass a hat to help cover expenses.

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