Neutrons at Camp NRTS: Part 0

by Dan Hughes

I started an attempt to write some about neutrons at Camp NRTS. I’ll be working without a net again as Neutrons are far afield of my areas of experience. I do molecules, don’t do Neutrons. After all, nobody actually understands Quantum Mechanics.

I decided that I should check to see what The Google could find on the subject. Google came back with this list of really old reports all associated with Camp NRTS back in the days; ca. late 1950s, early 1960s. Over 360 hits are listed.

The reports are associated with the early machines built at Camp NRTS and design and experiments and analysis of these.

Not knowing anything about neutrons I just started checking names of the authors of the reports. I vaguely recall hearing many of the following, and limited interaction with most. Maybe you’ll know these and others given at the Google results.

C.M. Slansky, Fred Tingey, ‎D.R. DeBoisblanc, M.S. Moore, Bernice E. Paige, J.G. Crocker, S.G. Forbes, F.L. Bentzen, G.O. Bright, ‎J.E. Grund, R.L. Heath, R.S. Marsden, T.R. Wilson, G.E. Putnam, Warren E. Nyer, J.L. Teague, J. Dugone, ‎E. Feinauer

One thought on “Neutrons at Camp NRTS: Part 0”

  1. Many familiar names. Somehow Ross Marsden stands out. He was a stodgy guy in some ways, crazy guy in others, but great physicist. Single. We would see him come into a bar, look around, get a drink, drink it, and rush off to another bar. He skied at Sun Valley and took lessons there, He wasn’t agile in the least. He kept taking lessons, but he had a wide stance and seemed to be glued to the snow, but he loved to ski and skied his legs off. Jean and I liked him very much.
    Bob Nertney was the safety review guru, Chair of the Safeguards Committee on which I served. Very thoughtful, creating a logical framework not written down, for reviews of issues: the Committee expected to review anything that “could conceivably affect safety.” He was from Buffalo MT, but very cultured. He had a sign in his office that said,” People get lost in thought because it is such unfamiliar territory.”


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