Camp NRTS History by Bob Martin

by Dan Hughes

Robert Martin, who worked at INEL in the late 1980s and early 1990s, continues to post interesting information about the activities in reactor safety thermal-hydraulics, and related matters. Bob includes URL links to associated documents, and his articles include more about experiments that I have.

Several of Bob’s articles are related to subjects that are mentioned here at A few of Bob’s articles that may be of interest include the following (Successful display of the articles associated with the following URLs has been sporadically problematic for me. The URL above seems to work every time.)

The Little Engine that Could: Semiscale

The Loss-of-Fluid Test Facility and LOCA.

LOFTy Goals: Mission and Milestones.

ECCS Hearings: Science and Politics.

ECCS Hearings: Supplement.

See also Water Remaining, ECCS Bypass, Hearings, &etc: The Paper Flowed like a River.

RELAP3/THETA1-B and Semiscale.

Camp NRTS Testing Reactors for Industry.

Reality Check: Audit by the APS.

See also APS Lewis Report LOFT Photos.

Bob has a copy of Carl Hocevar’s letter of resignation. Carl’s association with the Union of Concerned Scientists was an act the outcomes of which continue to be dealt with today.

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