RELAPSE-1 Theory and User Manual

by Ken Moore and Dan Hughes

A previous post introduced the RELAPSE-1 computer program. At that time we indicated that getting the report uploaded was on our To Do lists.

Update June 27, 2017: The missing last pages are here.

Update June 22, 2017: The last two pages are missing, one of which has the References: the RELAP2 manual can be used to see these. We’re working on getting the missing pages posted.]

Here it is:


Check out the little note in the upper left-hand corner of the cover. Ken has assured me that he has received Phillips Petroleum Company permission.

This little report, a combined Theory and User Manual, carries a tremendous history of over 50 years (half a century!) of T/H systems model, methods, and software development on its back. The Acknowledgments and Abstracts alone of today’s Manuals probably occupy more pages of text than does this one.

The Distribution List for the report is also interesting for the number of familiar names.

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